Commercial and industrial noise nuisance

Noise nuisance from a commercial or industrial property

You can report a noise problem online.

Your complaint will remain confidential and we will not release your personal details.

If your complaint is about a domestic property, visit our domestic noise page

Report noise from a domestic property

Examples of commercial or industrial noise problems we can investigate are – 

  • noise from factories (industrial noise)
  • noise from deliveries to a commercial or industrial premises
  • music in a shop or pub (commercial noise)
  • construction site noise
  • misfiring alarms from a business (please call 01482 300 300 to report misfiring alarms)

Examples of commercial or industrial noise problems we cannot investigate – 

  • traffic (moving or temporarily stationary in the street)
  • aircraft (not including model aircraft)
  • demonstrations

We will contact you within four working days to discuss the issue and agree on a course of action. We will then contact the person being complained about, by either letter or visit, to inform them that a complaint has been made against them. 

We will not divulge details of the person who has complained against them.

This gives them the chance to stop the problem before we consider more formal action. 

Formal action

For formal action to be taken we need to identify that the problem is a statutory nuisance. 

For a noise to be classed as a statutory nuisance it needs to be shown that it is more than irritating or annoying. It must unreasonably prevent you from enjoying normal activities in your home. 

For us to identify that a complaint is statutory nuisance we will need to gather evidence.

We are unable to make a decision only based on what you have said.