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Registering for a myAccount gives you access to a wide variety of council services online from managing your Council Tax account to requesting a Bulky Waste collection.

You will also need to register for a myAccount if you are a landlord and wish to access the My Revenues and Benefits system, to check your payment history or any upcoming payments.

To register for a myAccount you will require an email account, if you do not have one guidance documents are available below.

Register for a myAccount

Verifying an account

To allow you to access your myAccount, after registreation you will recieve a verficiation email with a link which must be used within 60 minutes. This confirms to us you have access to the email you have registered with.

If you are unable to verify your account within the 60 minutes please call us on 01482 300 300, and an advisor can resend this link for you.

Validating an account

Validating your account will allow you to access your Council Tax account, Housing Benefit account as well as the history of any service requests raised against your account.

To validate your account you can -

  • accessing your Council Tax account and providing your Council Tax reference number
  • accessing your Housing Benefit using your Benefit claim number and either your National Insurance Number of Date of Birth
  • calling 300 300 and clearing security checks to verify you are the account holder.

Please note that the name and address on the Council Tax bill must match the name on the registered account.

Reset your password

If you are unable to access your account you can reset your password by using the link below -

Reset your password

Please be aware that the link issued will only be valid for 60 minutes so please ensure you have access to your email when you request your password to be reset.

Creating an email account