My council housing rent accounts

If you are one of our tenants, our system allows you to -

  • access rent account details, including balances and payments
  • review and update your contact details
  • choose how to get your mail

How to access

We advise you to connect to Housing Self Service using Internet Explorer. The first time you access this there may be a delay. You may experience ongoing problems via Google Chrome or Firefox.

To sign up

Select the button above, this will take you to Housing Self Service. Under the heading 'rent and other accounts or to sign up' follow the link 'sign up here'.

Enter the information requested. This includes your unique payment reference number, this is on your rent card and rent statements.

If when asked you select - 

  • email as your preferred contact method, your user details and password are emailed to you straight away and you can immediately start to check your rent account
  • letter as your preferred contact method, letters containing your user details and password are sent separately to your registered address within 10 working days