myHousing App

How to register

You will need to register to use the myHousing app and link your old account to access all of the features.

To register you will need your -

  • application bidding reference or payment reference. You will only need one, not both
  • date of birth
  • email address
  • full name
  • mobile number

If you do not have your reference details, you can make a connection later in the ‘My profile’ section of the app. Making a connection will mean your rent, repair and personal information will appear in the app

Register for myHousing

Follow these instructions to register -

  • access myHousing web portal
  • select register at the bottom of the page
  • enter your name, email and password (Your password must contain 10 characters including both lower and upper case, a number and a special character)
  • open your emails to verify your email address
  • select the link on the email to verify your details
  • you will enter your title, name and phone number
  • you will then receive a 4 digit text message which you need to type into your phone
  • your phone number is now verified, providing extra security
  • you will need to then connect your account using your payment reference or application reference
  • if you are a Homesearch customers you will need to provide your application bidding reference and select 'application reference' as the reference type, if you are a tenant you will need to use your payment reference, and select ‘payment reference’ as the reference type 
  • enter your date of birth and complete your registration

You will now be registered.