Eligibility criteria for bidding on homes

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We are a social housing provider with limited housing stock. We have to restrict who can be considered for our different property types to make best use of our stock. This is called our eligibility criteria. 

The types of property that you will be considered for are marked with an 'X' below -

Household type Bedsit Flat Bungalow Maisonette House Pensioner designated house
Single or couple X X        
Single or couple with parental contact with children X X   X    
Group of adults   X   X    
Family with child(ren)   X   X X  
Family with adult children (aged 18+)   X   X    
Single or couple pension age (60+) X X X      
Pension age family (60+) with children aged 0-17   X X X X X
Pension age family (60+) with adult children or other adults   X X X   X
Any age with medical priority for all on one level accommodation X X X      

Eligibility criteria

When a property is advertised it states what the eligibility criteria is. You must make sure you only bid for properties you are eligible for. We do not consider any bids you place for properties you are not eligible for.

The following points should be taken into consideration when placing your bid.

Houses and children

You are only eligible to bid for a house if you are a main carer for a child (a dependent aged 17 and under). This means the child's main home is with you. If you have parental access to your child, for example they stay overnight sometimes, you are not eligible for houses (but you can bid for a two bedroom flat or maisonette).  If you have joint or shared parental responsibility we will decide who we will class as the main carer for the purpose of deciding what you are eligibile for based upon the information you provide in your application.  This applies even if the main carer is not applying for housing with us. 

Extra bedrooms

We only consider you for properties with the number of bedrooms your household needs. If you think you have a special need for an extra bedroom, please contact HomeSearch to discuss this further and we will advise you of the documentary evidence you need to provide us with to enable us to consider your request.

Age restricted properties

Some of our properties are designated for people over a certain age. We state if an age restriction applies in the property advert. We do not consider any bids you place for properties where you are not the minimum age stated in the advert. An exception might be where you have a medical need for a particular type of accommodation (we tell you if we consider you for such properties).

Adapted properties

We follow slightly different rules when allocating adapted properties.

Find out more about this in our allocations policy

If you are unable to resolve your query with the above information please contact the HomeSearch team by completing the form below and they will contact you to discuss your query.