Pre-tenancy interviews, offers and refusals

Covid - 19 Service update

Access changes to Allocations, Homesearch and Homelessness during this time

If you are the successful bidder

After bidding closes we will contact the first eligible applicant on the list, usually by telephone to invite you to attend a pre-tenancy interview or arrange a transfer visit (if you are a council tenant already). 

If we cannot contact you by telephone we will try other methods such as email or letter asking you to respond.  If you fail to respond we will class it as you refusing the property.

It is important you tell us if your contact details change because if we cannot contact you we cannot offer you the property. We will also class this as you refusing the potential offer.

Pre-tenancy interview and transfer visits

The successful bidder will be invited to attend a pre-tenancy interview (or a transfer visit will be arranged for current council tenants).

You will be asked to provide documentary evidence of your circumstances again (as you did when you applied to go on the housing list) so that we can check all of your circumstances are still the same. 

We will carry out reference checks and ask how you intend to pay your rent. 

If you are a current council tenant we will check your current property and advise you of any action you need to take before we can allow you to move.


We check that you are able to afford the property in question.  If it is assessed that you are not able to afford it, you may not be offered the property.

Rent in advance

The offer of a property is subject to a compulsory-

  • payment of rent for the first week of the tenancy and/or
  • the submission of a completed application for housing related benefit accompanied by the necessary evidential proofs

prior to entry into a tenancy agreement. 

If you do not comply with the above the offer of the property may not be made.

Viewing the property

You will be invited to view the property as soon as the property is ready to let.  We can give you an idea of when we expect this to be.

Occasionally we may invite you to a group viewing.  We will tell you which position you are on the shortlist if we do this, so you will know if other people will be considered before you.  All those attending the viewing will be asked if they are interested in the property. 

Signing the tenancy agreement

If you are made the offer of the property you will usually be asked to sign the tenancy agreement either at or straight after the viewing.

Refusing the offer

We will class the following as you refusing the offer or potential offer-

  • if you tell us at any stage during the process that you do not want the property
  • if you do not respond to telephone calls, letters or other contacts from us about a potential offer
  • if you do not attend pre-arranged meetings or viewings

If you refuse two offers within a six month period your application will be frozen for six months.  During this time you will not be able to bid.  This will be lifted automatically after six months and you can start bidding again.  You will be notified when this happens.

If you are currently in rented accommodation

If you are already in rented accommodation it is your responsibility to give your current landlord notice.  Your council tenancy starts as soon as possible and this means you may be responsible for paying the rent on both tenancies for a period of time.  If you are in receipt of housing benefit you may be able to qualify for an overlap of benefits to cover part or all of this period.  You need to seek advice about this if appropriate.