Orchard Park Regeneration

Regeneration of Orchard Park

Orchard Park has been a key focus area for housing regeneration and is identified in Hull’s Local Plan as a priority area.

To date, seven blocks of Council high-rise flats have been demolished, a programme of external solid wall insulation to up to 1,200 homes is nearing completion and 294 new homes have been built at Homethorpe and Milldane. 

Bainton Grove site off Endike Lane - We have applied for outline planning for five, two bedroom bungalows. Once these are approved we will appoint a builder to develop the designs and arrange a resident drop in consultation in Autumn. 

Housing improvements 

The energy efficiency improvements programme for our homes (all 'wimpey no-fines' construction houses) in the Thorpes, Danes and Courts is complete. The improvements are providing thermal insulation render in order to reduce energy usage

The Axdane houses are of a different construction (called 5Ms) to the other homes and a solution to provide External Solid Wall Insulation / Cladding for them is being tested at two adjoining properties. 

The Shaws are traditional brick built homes and are therefore more suitable to cavity wall insulation rather then cladding.