Help with childcare costs and funding

The government are introducing new ways to help parents with childcare costs. 

30 hours free childcare

From September 2017, working families may be eligible to receive the new extended free childcare entitlement.

Eligible families can get an additional 15 hours per week of free childcare for 38 weeks a year. This is on top of the 15 hours per week free early education that all three and four year olds are entitled to.

Visit the GOV.UK website to apply for 30 hours free childcare

If you have already registered your child you can reconfirm your code by signing in to your childcare account.

Visit the GOV,UK website to sign in to your childcare account

Help with childcare costs

You may be eligible for help with your childcare costs. 

Visit the Childcare choices website to find out if you are eligible

Two year old funding 

Some two year olds are entitled to free early education in Hull.

Find out more about two year old funding