Support with Trading Standards

If you have any consumer problems or you have bought something faulty Trading Standards and the law may be able to provide you with help and advice. 

If you have purchased something faulty

If you have purchased something faulty and you need advice the following websites can assist you. 

We can advise you on issues Trading Standards can support you with. 

Visit our page

Citizens Advice can provide you with information when something has gone wrong with a purchase. 

Access Citizens Advice

Consumer issues 

If you need any advice on consumer issues the following websites will be able to help you. 

We can provide you with advice on consumer issues.

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Citizens Advice can give you information and support on consumer issues. 

Access Citizens Advice

Problems with a used car 

If you are experiencing problems with a used car the following can give you advice and support. 

We can provide you advice and support on buying a used car. 

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Citizens Advice can also provide you information when you are having problems with a used car. 

Access citizens advice