Child performance licences

We currently request that a parent/career health questionnaire is submitted alongside the application, and that a copy of the organisation's COVID-19 risk assessment be provided.

Decisions on granting a performance licence will be informed in line with guidance and advice from the government, NNCEE and the DfE. Each application will be assessed on its own merits, taking account of the recent changes in government guidance, safeguarding measures and risk assessments provided.

Access the below document for the latest COVID-19 guidance for Chaperones. 

Children may require a performance licence if they are taking part in -

  • a pantomime
  • dance show
  • modelling
  • television

The person who is producing the show or casting is responsible for applying for the licence, if one is required.  

A licence is needed -

  • when the child is going to be absent from school
  • if they have performed more than four times in the last six months
  • if the child is being paid
  • if the performance is recorded for a possible use in a broadcast

When a child takes part in any performance full details, including dates and times, should be given to the school.  It is up to the school if they authorise the absence or not. Licences are not normally required for a performance arranged by a school.


Instead of issuing individual licences in some cases we may be able to issue a Body of Persons licence which covers multiple children.  A Body of Persons licence covers the organisation for a set period of time or for a specific performance.

A Body of Persons licence cannot be issued where performers are paid, require time off school or have already been involved with four days performance in the previous six months.


Chaperone licences

Chaperones are people licensed to accompany and look after children who take part in a performance. School age children, up to and including year 11, must be accompanied by a licensed chaperone if their parent can’t go with them. 

Parents are able to supervise their own child but cannot look after other children unless they are licensed. Relatives and childminders would also require a chaperone license as they are not legal guardians, unless they have been appointed by a court.

To apply to be a chaperone you must hold a current Disclosure Barring Service (DBS). Once an application is received we require two references and you must attend an informal interview.

Please return all completed forms via email to