Education, training and employment - Local offer

Education, training and employment

•education and training  - Care leavers should be supported to access appropriate education or training that will enable them to fulfill their goals. This will include the statutory support available to care leavers, such as the £2,000 busary for care leavers in Higher Education, as well as any other support from the local authority, and signpost to universal information such as careers advice and financial support for young people

•employment - this will include information to care leavers about general employment support, such as careers support and links to local Job Centre Plus. Local authorities should also include any other employment support that they or partners deliver that is specifically available to care leavers, for example, any apprenticeships that the local authority offers, in particular where such opportunities are ring fenced for care leavers.

We want you to succeed in your education, training and development. We will ask you how you are doing and be ready to celebrate your achievements with you.

We will offer you -
•careers information and advice, such as help to develop your CV, advice about job interviews, including what you might wear.
•support to meet your transport costs when traveling to training, school/college, apprenticeships or job interviews
•support to buy tools, equipment, essential clothing and books
•support if you choose to go to university, such as helping you obtain tuition fees and maintenance loans, travel costs at the start and end of term. Making sure you have somewhere to live during the holidays. We will help you choose the right course and university that matches your talents and interests
•opportunities for work experience, apprenticeships and employment within the council
•the chance to attend and help organize celebration events when young people achieve education, training and employment milestones