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Gain more confidence as a parent-to-be, parent, grandparent and carer and try these free handy parenting guides full of top tips and advice.

Children do not come with instructions or a handbook. ‘Understanding Your Pregnancy’, ‘Understanding Your Baby’ and ‘Understanding Your Child’ are a set of three online guides with useful hints, tips and support from pregnancy through to children aged 18. 


Understanding your pregnancy

Provides information on - 

  • getting to know your baby in the womb
  • different stages of labour
  • helping you through labour and birth
  • feeding your baby
  • what happens after your baby is born


Understanding your baby

Provides information on - 

  • feelings - both yours and your baby
  • understanding your baby's crying
  • developing healthy sleep patterns
  • feeding your baby
  • your baby's development and play


Understanding your child

Provides information on - 

  • your child's development
  • understanding your child's feelings
  • different styles of parenting
  • why sleep is important

Understanding your teenager's brain                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Provides information on:

  • teenager's brain development
  • teenager and reading faces
  • risk taking and friends
  • sensitivity to rejection
  • teenagers and sleep

These guides are free for Hull residents who are parents-to-be, parents, grandparents and carers to support you in building positive and responsive relationships with your baby, infant or children by strengthening their emotional health and wellbeing so they are able to bounce back from life’s different challenges. Hull is the first city in the region to adopt the well-established ‘Solihull Approach’.

These evidence based accredited online guides from pre-birth to adolescence have been developed with practitioners and parents and tested in the field with an ongoing research programme.  They are for everyone who wants to be the best mum, dad, grandparent or carer they can be.

Together, we are aiming to change the culture around parents’ self-development and improve children’s wellbeing at the same time.  A smoother home life is good for concentration, learning and performance at school.  This is a great investment for the children and families of Hull and a fantastic opportunity.

The online guides are easily accessible at home via a mobile phone, tablet device or laptop or in any Adult Education Centre, Library or Children’s Centre across the city.

Each module only takes 15-20 minutes to complete and they can all be completed flexibly at your own pace. There is indefinite access – once the access code has been used your login details will not expire and you can access the course for years to come, as your child grows.

Hull City Council also offer a selection of other parenting courses.

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