Music service for schools

We can provide a service focused on pupil's musical development. The service is the lead organisation within the Hull Music Hub and offers whole class projects in primary schools, small groups and individual tuition in all schools along with a range of ensembles and choirs both in and out of school.

We offer -wider opportunities and first access to projects for whole classes in primary schools on a choice of wind, brass, string and percussion instruments

  • individual and small group tuition on the above instruments plus the voice, guitar and keyboard in secondary schools and academies

  • support for delivery of ensembles in schools and at the Albermarle Music Centre

  • free loan of instruments for pupils accessing this service

  • workshops in schools and at the Albermarle on World Music instruments - African drums, samba, steel pans and gamelan

  • possible live music concerts in schools delivered by the Music service staff ensembles

  • advice and support on the purchase of instruments and equipment

  • provision of large scale events such as singing days and special concerts for schools by visiting professional orchestras

Schools benefit from -     

  • our high quality service consisting of fully trained and qualified teachers

  • the assurance that they are delivering the National Music Plan through access to the Music service

  • advice and support in the delivery

  • of the National Curriculum and Singing Strategy

  • quality assured staff who are able to teach up to and beyond diploma level

Service standards –

  • following an initial period pupils are expected to progress one level each year, this will be measured by an external exam as and when appropriate

  • all pupils and their families will receive a written report each July and there will be two parents evenings each year

  • all staff will be observed at least once each year

  • all staff have access to a range of Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

  • all staff must complete a Planning and Assessment form for each pupil that they teach

  • quality monitoring occurs at the end of every term

  • the Music Service is part of the National Music Mark organisation and as such has to meet specific targets

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