Early Help Information for Professionals

Early Help is a way of thinking and working together between services with families that have additional, multiple or complex needs.

We are all early help. Early Help is not a service. Anyone working with children or families is part of Early Help at the point problems are identified. The wellbeing of children, young people and families is everyone's responsibility.

Early Help is simply the collection of all services available in Hull and how they work with families when there are additional or more complex needs before the need for Children's Social Care (CSC) and safeguarding procedures.

Why work with the whole family?

If any member of the family - a child, young person or adult has a problem it generally has an effect on other people in the family. If the whole family is supported it's more likely the situation will improve.

Assessing Need

The Early Help Assessment which is used Citywide is the Outcome Star, wherever possible professionals should aim to complete this with the family to identify the level of need, and any other services across the partnership that may be required to help the family.

Access information on the Outcome star here

If you are unsure about the level of need and require more information about recognising the signs of harm in children and young people please refer to the Threshold of Need Framework.

If you are a professional wishing to make an online request for Early Help support for a family you are working with, please complete the online form:

Request support online via Professional Early Help Request Form

If you think the child has more complex needs and maybe in danger or at risk you must contact the Children's Services and Early Help and Safeguarding Hub.

For more information on the Children's Services and Early Help and Safeguarding Hub