City Psychological Service for schools

We can provide an efficient, effective, evidence based service which offers applied psychology through collaborative and reflective practice using a child centered preventative approach which supports inclusion

How to access this service

Use the form below to enquire about procuring this service from us.

What happens next

All enquiries of a general nature will be responded to within one working day.

Service Features

In order to deliver this service we offer the following combinations  -

  • packages of three x three hour sessions
  • one day every week in school term time
  • one day every fortnight in school term

As part of this service we offer -

  • highly qualified professionals with a wide range of knowledge
  • consultation and interventions advice at systems, group and individual child level
  • psychological assessments using a range of methods to inform consultation and interventions
  • psychological interventions to improve attainment and develop social, emotional and psychological well being
  • professional development and training

Schools benefit from -

  • an improved understanding of children and young peoples needs
  • a wide range of skill development
  • advice regarding the management of critical incidents, loss and bereavement

a coordinated approach with parents and carers and other agencies such as local Child and Adolescent Mental health Service (CAMHS), speech and language therapy and school health services


Service standard

in addition to our general service standards, we will also make sure that - 

  • a summary report will be provided within 15 working days stating agreed outcomes following planning sessions, visits or consultations 
  • parents / carers and practitioners have a greater understanding of need in order to develop individual packages of support
  • individual children and young people make progress following the implementation of agreed strategies


Find out more about our general service standards

Statutory service

As part of our statutory service we will - 

  • undertake an assessment of children and young people in all settings in order to identify need and determine the most appropriate and effective support
  • the service is currently under review in the context of changes in national policy and feedback from schools