Council tenancies

We offer a range of tenancies to our tenants and more detailed information about the type and length of tenancies we offers can be found on our Tenancy policy below - 

Alternatively, Citizens Advice can provide you with independent support and information on renting from us or a housing association.

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The most common types of tenancies offered are either -

Introductory Tenancy

We currently operates an Introductory Tenancy Sceheme. This means that any new tenancy granted by us to a person who is not already a secure tenant of our property (in Hull or elsewhere) or an assured tenant of social housing must be an introductory tenancy. The introductory period lasts for 12 months and in some case up to a maximum of 18 months. At the end of the introductory period the tenant will become a secure tenant of the council.

Secure Tenancy 

A secure tenancy is the most secure form of tenure granted by us. We can only recover possession of a property where the tenant has a secure tenancy if they have obtained a possession order through the court.

Ending a tenancy

If you wish to end your tenancy you are required to give four full weeks notice in writing to us. This can be by letter or by completing a form at your local customer service centre or information point.

Once you have given notice to end your tenancy you cannot withdraw the notice. If you have given notice but do not wish to leave you must speak to your local tenancy officer to discuss the situation further.

If there is more than one name on your tenancy agreement and notice is given by one of the tenants this will end the tenancy for all tenants involved. If you have a flexible tenancy written notice must be given by each of the tenants named on the agreement.

If you wish to end the tenancy of a sole tenant who has died please contact the local housing team.

After you have given notice to end you tenancy we will contact you to arrange an appointment to inspect your home.

You are expected to hand your keys in to a local customer service centre or information point on the Monday before 12 noon when the four weeks has ended. Due to COVID-19 all Information Points and Customer Service Centres are closed from 24/03/2020. To hand your council keys in you should do so by putting them in an envelope with your name and address and posting them in one of the following letter boxes - 

Greatfield Information Point
34 - 36 Elmbridge Parade

Bilton Grange Information Point
13 Greenwich Avenue

Bethune Information Point
54 Bethune Avenue

The Orchard Centre
210 Orchard Park Rd

The Octagon (Walker Street) is opening on Tuesday 14 April for the day from 9am, if you want to drop your keys off here then you can do so on the 14 April only.

We will contact you to let you know that we have received your keys. If you do not hear anything after seven days you must ring and check to ensure your tenancy has been ended.

Find your nearest customer service centre or information point

Take over or have my name taken off a tenancy

If you would like to take over a tenancy from someone you are or were living with (often called assignment) or you are considering requesting a joint tenancy, you must contact your local housing team.
Council tenants cannot choose to assign their tenancy without our written permission. The Housing Acts set out the circumstances in which a tenancy can be assigned.

If you are the spouse, civil partner or partner of a tenant who has died you may be entitled to take over the tenancy however your request must be discussed and dealt with by your local housing team. Family members who lived with deceased tenants should also contact their local housing team for advice regarding the deceased tenant’s tenancy.

For information: The Civil Partnership Act 2004 created a legal relationship of ‘civil partnership’ between two people of the same sex. Civil partners have the same tenancy rights as husband and wife.

If your enquiry is relating to any of the following, please complete the form below and your housing office will contact you back to discuss the matter –

  • being taken off the tenancy
  • taking over a tenancy
  • giving notice on your tenancy
  • your tenancy agreement

Routine Tenancy Visits

As a landlord we are always trying to improve how we support you and help you to get the best out of your tenancy. You may be aware that from January 2020 we are introducing routine tenancy visits so that we can meet you in your home. These visit are to make sure - 

  •     your contact details are up to date
  •     everything is okay in your property
  •     we discuss any problems you may have with your tenancy, your responsibilities as a tenant and help you to find support if you need it
  •     you tell us whether you have any outstanding repairs
  •     you are aware of fire safety information for living in your home

We will contact you to arrange a convenient date and time to visit you.