Council tenancies

Hull City Council offers a range of tenancies to its tenants and more detailed information about the type and length of tenancies the council offers can be found in the Council's Tenancy Policy.

Alternatively, Citizens Advice can provide you with indepenent support and information on renting from the council or a housing association.

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The most common types of council tenancies offered are either -

Introductory Tenancy

The council currently operates an Introductory Tenancy Sceheme. This means that any new tenancy granted by the council to a person who is not already a secure tenant of a council property (in Hull or elsewhere) or an assured tenant of social housing must be an introductory tenancy. The introductory period lasts for 12 months and in some case up to a maximum of 18 months. At the end of the introductory period the tenant will become a secure tenant of the council.


Secure Tenancy 

A secure tenancy is the most secure form of tenure granted by the council. The council can only recover possession of a property where the tenant has a secure tenancy if they have obtained a possession order through the court.


Ending a tenancy

If you wish to end your tenancy you are required to give four full weeks notice in writing to us. This can be by letter or by completing a form at your local customer service centre or information point.

Once you have given notice to end your tenancy you cannot withdraw the notice. If you have given notice but do not wish to leave you must speak to your local tenancy officer to discuss the situation further.

If there is more than one name on your tenancy agreement and notice is given by one of the tenants this will end the tenancy for all tenants involved. If you have a flexible tenancy written notice must be given by each of the tenants named on the agreement.

If you wish to end the tenancy of a sole tenant who has died please contact the local housing team.



After you have given notice to end you tenancy the housing office will contact you to arrange an appointment to inspect your home.

You are expected to hand your keys in to a local customer service centre or information point on the Monday before 12 noon when the four weeks has ended. If you have problems doing this you must contact your housing office to discuss as soon as possible as you may be charged rent for the period you remain there after the notice period has ended.

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