Hull Card and KAT Card

The Council has worked with Stagecoach and EYMS to provide a weekly travel card that is accepted on busses operated by both companies, this card is now well established. Working with the Young People’s Parliament a version for young people titled KAT Card (Kids and Teenagers) has been produced. This card is available at a discounted rate of 33 per cent which has been funded by income from bus lane penalty charges and the bus companies.

If you use public transport on a regular basis the Hull Card and KAT Card (for young people) allows for multi operator travel using a single card and may make traveling across the city easier for you.

The scheme provides a more convenient and cost effective way to travel providing you with seven consecutive days of unlimited travel.You can travel on East Yorkshire Motor Services (EYMS) or Stagecoach for a cost of £14.90 within the Hull Card boundary. The card can only be used on EYMS and Stagecoach buses until 11.59pm. 

Visit the Stagecoach website to find out more about where you can use your card

KAT Card - Hull Card for young people

Working with the Young People’s Parliament (YPP) Hull City Council, Stagecoach and EYMS have agreed to share the cost of discounting a Hull Card for those who have not yet reached their 20th birthday. The cost will be discounted by 10 percent by the bus companies and down to £10 by Hull City Council, the Council’s share being provided by income from bus lane penalty charges. The name for the card chosen by the YPP is the KAT Card (Kids and Teenagers).

The cards will be available to Hull residents only and will cost £10 per week. The first card will need to be purchased from the Stagecoach office at the Interchange; proof of address and age. 

Find out more information below within the KAT leaflet produced by Stagecoach

Where to purchase

You can purchase your card at the Stagecoach travel centre at the Paragon Interchange.

How to top up your card

When your current period of travel runs out, you can simply buy another seven day's worth of travel. You can do this on the bus using cash or at the Stagecoach travel centre in the Paragon Interchange.

What to do if there is a problem with your card

You need to telephone the number on the reverse of the card for customer support 0345 810 1000.

Only registered cards can take advantage of customer support.

Visit the Stagecoach website to find out how to register your card