The assessment process for adult social care

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If you are 18 or over, live in Hull and feel you may need support, contact us to discuss how we might be able to help. You can contact us yourself or ask someone else to do it for you.

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Your assessment

When you contact us we will ask you for details that will help us understand if we can help. We will use the information you give us to work out whether we are able to offer you services.

We will ask about things such as how you look after yourself, your physical and emotional health. This information will tell you if you are eligible for support.

Find out more about the eligibility criteria

If after discussing your needs we find you are not eligible for support from Adult social care, we can help and advise you about other sources of support.

Paying for Care and Support 

Unlike NHS care, adult social care is not free and many pay a contribution towards their care and support. However, no one should go without the care and support they need because they can’t afford to pay for it.

We will undertake an assessment of your financial circumstances. This will determine whether you can contribute towards the cost of your support. If you need residential or nursing care we have set charges for these services.

Find out more about Paying for care and support 

Creating your support plan

After the assessment we will work with you to draw up a support plan which will explain what assistance you need. Family and friends can be involved in the support plan but it is important that you are in agreement with it. Your support plan helps you to plan how your budget can meet your needs. You can choose to manage your own service or leave the money with us to manage on your behalf.

More information about your support plan

After your support plan has been agreed, we will either arrange services for you or provide you with a direct payment if you have chosen to arrange your own support.

More information about direct payments

If you disagree with the assessment or support plan

We will always seek to make decisions that are fair by following guidelines about who qualifies for a service.

If you do not agree with your assessment or support plan, you should discuss this first with the person who assessed your needs.

If you are still not happy, you can ask for a re-assessment. You can do this by letter, telephone or in person.

Help for the person who cares for you

Anyone who regularly provides a lot of care for you is entitled to a carer’s assessment. When we assess your needs we will also tell you about how your carer’s needs can be assessed and taken into account.

More information about carer’s assessments and support for carers

Advocate – Someone to speak on your behalf

An advocate is a person who supports you to explain and say what you want if you find it difficult to do by yourself. You can ask a family member, carer or friend to advocate on your behalf while you work with us to find solutions to help you live your life.

However, if you do not have anybody to advocate on your behalf or feel they do not have your best interests in mind, you can request an independent care act advocate. Care act advocates are independent to the Hull City Council and this service is provided free as part of our statuary responsibilities under the Care Act 2014. 

Your case worker will discuss whether an independent care act advocate could help you to work with us to plan your support.

More information on advocacy here 

Hull Connect to Support

Hull Connect to Support is your local information and advice website. You can use this to find Information and advice and discover local groups and activities within your community. 

This will help you to look after yourself, keeping you well, safe and connected.

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Use Hull Connect to Support today to make choices about your life and how you live it.

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