Blue Badge

Eligibility for a Blue Badge

You may be eligible if you are -

  • a parent or carer for a child aged 2 or under with medical needs that -
    • must always be accompanied by bulky medical equipment which cannot be carried around without great difficulty
    • need to be kept near a vehicle at all times. This is so that they can, if necessary, be treated in the vehicle. Or they can be quickly driven to a place where they can be treated, such as a hospital
  • aged 3 or over and are automatically eligible, or meet other eligibility criteria

From 30 August 2019, changes have been made to the eligibility criteria. They mean people who were not eligible before might now be considered under the new criteria. You can find out more information on who can get a Blue Badge on GOV.UK.

Eligibility without further assessment

You will be automatically eligible if you -

  • receive the higher rate mobility component of Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
  • receive Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and meet the ‘moving around’ descriptor for the mobility component. This is because you either cannot stand or can stand but walk no more than 50 metres
  • receive a lump sum benefit within tariff levels one to 8 of the Armed Forces and Reserve Forces Compensation Scheme
    • you also have to be certified as having a permanent and substantial disability. This means you cannot walk or have considerable difficulty in walking
  • receive the War Pensioner's Mobility Supplement
  • are severely sight impaired
  • have a DS1500 form for terminal illness. You will need to upload a copy of your DS1500 form onto the application. If you do not have a copy, the application can still be filled out. You will need to get this from your GP or consultant and upload it, so the application can be processed. We cannot approve any application under DS1500 without having seen and uploaded a copy of the DS1500 form

From 30 August 2019, people wishing to be considered for a Blue Badge can apply under the new criteria. They will be able to apply without the need for further assessment if they -

  • receive the mobility component of PIP and have obtained 10 points specifically for 'descriptor E' under planning and following journeys on the grounds that 'they are unable to take up a journey because it would cause them overwhelming psychological distress'

Eligible subject to further assessment

If you need to be referred for an Independent Mobility Assessment, it will be completed over the telephone.

You may be eligible if -

  • you drive a vehicle regularly and have a severe disability in both arms, and are unable to operate, or if you have considerable difficulty operating parking equipment, such as ‘Pay and Display’ machines

From 30 August 2019 people wishing to be considered for a Blue Badge can apply under the new criteria. They will be able to apply subject to further assessment if you have enduring or substantial difficulty that will last for minimum of 3 years or more, and -

  • be unable to walk
  • experience very considerable difficulty when walking which may include considerable psychological distress
  • be at serious risk of harm when walking or pose when walking a risk of serious harm to other people

If you are updating information regarding your Blue Badge access update my Blue Badge.