Rechargeable repairs and appeals

Rechargeable repairs

We will undertake most repairs as the Landlord. Some repairs are the tenant's responsibility. The tenancy agreement outlines tenant's responsibilities. These include conditions -

  • not to damage the property
  • to report and pay for damage
  • to be responsible for damage caused either deliberately or accidentally by -
    • the tenant
    • a family
    • visitors to the property
  • to carry out repairs which are the tenant's responsibility
  • to ask the Council's permission before you carry out alterations

Repair orders that the tenant is responsible for paying for will be recovered by us and are referred to as Recoverable Orders.

Examples of recoverable orders - 

  • repairs needed due to damage by the tenant to the structure of the building
  • repairs needed due to damage to fixtures and fittings
  • theft of fixtures and fittings
  • lock changes carried out due to lost keys (over 65-year-olds and tenants in sheltered housing who have lost keys are exempt)
  • structural alterations carried out without the permission from us
  • repairs required when the tenant moves out of the property to bring it up to an acceptable standard
  • repairs that have been misreported and have resulted in an unnecessary Call-Out
  • to remove rubbish left in the property when the tenant has moved out
  • reinstate gas and electric meters which have been tampered with

Exceptions - 

  • repairs to smoke alarms
  • repairs caused through criminal damage, reported to the police with a crime number. If the damage is caused by criminal activity (by someone who isn't a visitor or member of your household), we will not charge you for the cost of these repairs, however you will need to provide us with a crime number. We will work with the police to investigate all reports of criminal damage, and if we find you have given false information about damage you are responsible for, we may take legal action against you
  • works left by a deceased tenant
  • emergency access required to prevent injury
  • fair wear and tear for example deterioration due to age
  • tenants who are aged 65+ or who live in sheltered housing will not be charged for lock changes carried out due to lost keys
  • repairs caused through Domestic Violence