Report a change

If you have made an application for a Council Tax Discount, Exemption, Disregard or Council Tax reduction, by law you must tell us of any changes as soon as possible.

This includes any changes to your household make up. If you do not report a change of your circumstances, you could receive an incorrect bill and must pay back any extra Council Tax due.

How to tell us about any changes

For changes that affect your Council Tax Reduction, complete our online form -

Report a change to your Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction (opens in new window)

For changes that affect your Council Tax Exemption, Discount or Disregard, complete our online form -

Apply for a Discount, Exemption or Disregard (opens in new window)

To notify us of a death of a Council Taxpayer, complete our online form -

Death of a Council Tax payer (opens in new window)

Or you can send a letter, with as much information as possible, about the change to our Freepost address -

Hull City Council
PO Box 15