Licensed animal premises advice and complaints

Applying for a licence

There are 5 activities involving animals that need a licence. The operator must have a valid licence if applicable. These activities are -

  •  selling animals as pets
  •  hiring out horses
  •  breeding dogs
  •  keeping or training animals for exhibition
  •  providing for or arranging for the provision of boarding for dogs or cats. These include -
    • providing boarding for cats
    • boarding in kennels for dogs
    • home boarding for dogs and day care for dogs

The licence sets out a number of conditions to secure the wellbeing of the animals.

Access our application forms and guidance documents

Application process

You need to -

  • complete an application form 
  • provide a copy of your current liability insurance certificate
  • provide details of policies and procedures

Once an application has been received, a council officer will arrange to inspect the premises. This is to make sure it is suitable.

After a successful inspection and risk assessment, a star rating will be awarded. A licence will be granted for one, 2 or 3 years.

Until the application has been processed and inspection carried out, we cannot advise on which application fee will apply. This will be determined by the star rating and length of licence that can be granted.


We will investigate any reported concerns relating to licensed animal activities. This includes where it is suspected a business is being operated illegally without a licence. It is also where an operator is suspected of not complying with licence conditions.

Complete our online form. We will investigate and aim to respond to you within 3 working days.

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