Apply for a food export certificate

If you have a food business in Hull and want to export food outside the European Union, it is likely you will need an export certificate. 

How to apply

Contact the embassy or consulate of the country you want to export to. They will provide you with the exact requirements needed to export into that country.

Once you have followed their guidance contact us with the following -

  • business name and address
  • contact details including a telephone number and email address
  • manufacturer
  • consignment details
  • quantity
  • date manufactured
  • batch number
  • dispatch date
  • country of origin
  • country you are exporting to
  • means of transport such as air, road or shipping container

We will inspect the food products and issue a certificate where necessary.

If you are exporting products of animal origin you may need an export certificate signed by a vet.


Each certificate is £135 plus VAT.