Apply for the Healthier Options Award

The Healthier Options Award

Healthy options award logo

The healthier options award seeks to promote the offering of healthy food options to your customers.

Caterers can contribute to their customer’s diet and overall health by providing a healthier food option. In return they will receive public recognition for gaining the award, potentially giving them a competitive edge as the demand for healthier options continues to grow. 

The Award aims to -

  • encourage food businesses to provide healthier options to customers, through the use of healthier catering practices
  • increase peoples intake of -
    • fruit
    • vegetables
    • carbohydrates like -
      • potatoes
      • whole grains
  • decreasing -
    • fat (especially saturated fat)
    • sugar
    • salt
  • recognise the provision of healthy options for both children and adults

Who is eligible?

Almost all catering premises serving food to the public can apply for the award including -

  • cafes
  • canteens
  • pubs 
  • restaurants
  • takeaways