Business energy efficiency

The UK is on a path to an 80% reduction in its carbon dioxide emissions by 2050. Hull is embracing a low carbon economy to ensure future prosperity.

You can help to meet this target and save money. This can be by improving the way your business uses resources in its operation by -

  • switching off your computer when it's not in use
  • using local, energy efficient companies or recycled products
  • installing a wind turbine 

Find out about how resource efficiency and renewable energy can help your business. Or you can visit the Energy Savings Trust website.

The UK has set a target for carbon emissions to reduce by 80% from a 1990 baseline by 2050. We want to see the city at the forefront of the drive to reduce carbon emissions and reduce the impact of climate change. In March 2019, we declared a Climate Emergency and set a target for the city to become carbon neutral by 2030.

This is a big challenge, but also an opportunity for businesses in the city, including us. There is a lot of support and advice available which business can take advantage of. It is to assist them in reducing their carbon emissions and to save money through -

  • energy efficiency
  • energy generation
  • resource management.

We have business advisors ready and able to support you, contact us at