Tobacco control advice to businesses

If your business sells tobacco products, you must make sure you comply with the UK laws that concern -

  • sales
  • labelling
  • advertising
  • displaying

Tobacco labelling

The Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016 cover the labelling requirements for tobacco products.

The product must also display a warning image. For more information visit the Business Companion website.

Tobacco products

Tobacco products are products wholly or partly made of tobacco and intended to be -

  • smoked
  • sniffed
  • sucked
  • chewed

These include those used in Shisha bars and smokeless tobacco products such as –

  • tobacco pastes or powders - these are placed on the gums or teeth
  • fine tobacco powder mixtures - these are usually inhaled and absorbed in to the nasal passage
  • oral smokeless tobacco products - which are sucked or chewed and placed -
    • in the mouth
    • in the cheek
    • on the lip

eCigarettes which contain nicotine are also included.

Smoking accessories which are not considered as tobacco products include -

  • tobacco papers
  • pipes
  • lighters