Register a death

Register a death that occurred in Hull

Register a death within 5 days of the death wherever possible.

You need to go to an appointment in person to register a death. You cannot register a death on the telephone.

Deaths must be registered in the district in which it occurred. If the death occurred in Hull, you need to go to an appointment at The Wilson Centre. This is to complete the registration. If the death occurred outside of Hull, you need to make an appointment to register at an office in that district. For example, if the death occurred in East Riding of Yorkshire. This includes Castle Hill Hospital.

If you cannot travel to the Hull Register Office, contact your local Register Office. You will be able to enquire about completing a declaration with them. It is possible for an alternative office to gather the information needed to register the death. In doing so they will ask you to sign a declaration. They will then send this declaration to us. This will allow us to complete the registration without you needing to be present.

Once the registration is complete, you will be able to get one or more copies of the death certificate. You can buy these at the time of the appointment. Or you can order online at a later date.

We will issue documents needed for the funeral to take place to your chosen funeral director. This will happen once the death has been registered.