School complaints

Since the introduction of Academies we no longer handle complaints about schools.

Each school has their own complaints procedure which needs to be followed. This process is -

Stage One

You should raise any complaints with the teacher or member of staff concerned.

Stage Two

If this cannot be resolved at stage one then the issue should be raised as a complaint to the Head teacher.

Stage Three

If you are still unhappy at the outcome, you should formally complain in writing to the Governing Body who will set up a complaints hearing where you can present your concerns about how the complaint has been dealt with at the previous stages.

If after these stages you remain unhappy, you have the option to complain to the Secretary of State for Education 

Department for Education
Castle View House
East Lane

You can also use their helpline for advice - 03700 002 288

The Local Authority does have a responsibility to investigate complaints about the curriculum, and there are alternative procedures for complaints relating to -

  • School admissions
  • exclusions
  • SEN (Special Educational Needs)