Disabled Blue Badge parking

A Blue Badge is not a licence to park anywhere. If you park where it would cause an obstruction or danger to other road users you could be fined or receive a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) or have your vehicle removed. If you park in a bay, the vehicle must be within the markings - any vehicle not parked within the markings will receive a PCN.

Where Blue Badge holders can park

More information on GOV.UK about The Blue Badge scheme: rights and responsibilities in England.

Blue Badge parking is available free of charge for on street parking meters and pay and display meters as well as in our City Centre car parks (except George Street and Osborne Street).

'Badge holders may park for free and for as long as they need to unless there is a traffic sign specifying a time limit for holders of Disabled Parking badges'. (Excerpt taken from page 16 of the Blue Badge Scheme Handbook)

You must display your Blue Badge to avoid any penalties.

On street parking

There are on street designated parking spaces marked for use by Blue Badge holder on the following streets -

  • Alfred Gelder Street
  • Bond Street
  • Bourne Street
  • Carroll Place
  • Charles Street
  • Cross Street
  • Liberty Lane
  • George Street
  • Ghandi Way
  • Grimston Street
  • Kingston Square
  • Land of Green Ginger
  • Market Place
  • New Garden Street
  • Osborne Street
  • Portland Street
  • Prospect Street
  • Quay Street
  • Reed Street
  • Savile Street
  • Silver Street
  • South Church Side
  • Story Street
  • Wright Street

Parking in car parks

You can park in any of our car parks for free if you display your Blue Badge (except for George Street car park).

Parking at Hull Royal Infirmary and Castle Hill hospitals

Blue Badge holders are now asked to register to avoid charges. Further information is available from Hull Teaching Hospitals.

Parking guidelines to display your Blue Badge

Make sure of the following when displaying your Blue Badge -

  • display the correct side of your badge, this is the side with the expiry date
  • position your badge so it is clearly visible from the outside of the vehicle and is not hidden by window shading
  • do not park in a prohibited space, such as on single or double yellow lines where there is a loading restriction in force or within a loading bay
  • set the time of arrival on your time clock if you park on a single or double yellow lines
  • do not park partially on single or double yellow lines and partially within a parking place

Failure to display correctly may result in you being issued with a penalty charge notice.