Bin raiding

Responsibility of businesses

Every business, no matter how big or small, makes waste. Waste can take a variety of forms including -

  • paperwork
  • food and drink packaging
  • scrap metal
  • hair
  • wood
  • waste from cleaning or maintenance of business premises
  • construction and demolition waste
  • clinical and hazardous waste such as chemicals and asbestos

This duty of care puts the following requirement on waste holders relating to any form of business to -

  • securely store and prevent the escape of your waste
  • take steps to prevent any other persons from disposing of your waste illegally
  • only transfer your wastes to an authorised person. They could be known as a registered waste carrier. or transfer waste to a person for authorised transport purposes
  • keep documents waste transfer notes for the last 2 years. These must be produced to the council or Environment Agency on request

Business rates do not include charges for the collection and disposal of wastes from any business.

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