Dog fouling

We are watching you. 9 out of 10 dog owners clean up after their dog. Are you the one who doesn't? Bag their poo, any litter bin will do.

Dog fouling is a crime

It is offensive and anti-social and if not disposed of responsibly, can end up on -

  • shoes and clothing
  • pram wheels
  • bicycles
  • wheelchairs
  • toys

Dog owners are encouraged to train their dogs to poo on their own property, to make it easier to -

  • clean it
  • bag it
  • bin it

If any dog fouls in a public place it must be immediately cleaned up using a suitable bag, before being tied and disposed of responsibly. 

There is no excuse not to clean up after any dog.

In Hull, dog owners can dispose of dog poo in any one of our 4,000 street litter bins throughout the city or taken home and disposed of in your black bin.

What harm can it cause

Dog fouling can be dangerous to human health, especially to -

  • children
  • the elderly
  • those with underlying health conditions

When people come in to contact with dog poo, it can cause Toxocariasis. This is a parasitic infection with no known cure. It can lead to health issues ranging from dizziness and nausea, to seizures and blindness in rare cases.

You must always clean up after your dog where it fouls -

  • footpaths
  • highway. This includes grass verges
  • cycle paths
  • public land and open spaces for example parks and playgrounds
  • car parks

If you find dog poo on your property, it is your responsibility to clean this up.

How to report dog foulingA poster showing a dog quoted as "Please pick up my poo"

If you see someone not cleaning up after their dog, you can report this to us using the form below.

We will investigate reports against people responsible for dog fouling and take action. This is so long as we can identify and locate the person responsible.

If you have witnessed anyone allowing their dog to foul and not pick it up, we will ask you to provide a witness statement. If you are unwilling to provide a witness statement, this will most likely prevent enforcement action being able to be taken and a referral for clearance only.

Any information we ask you to provide, will only be used to help us to take action against the person responsible. If you have photos or video footage, keep this safe. You will be asked to provide this once you have completed this form.

Report dog fouling (opens in a new window)


If you allow your dog to foul and fail to clean it up immediately, this may result in -

  • £50 fixed penalty
  • prosecution and a maximum penalty of £1,000