Illegal waste carriers

If you do not have a licence issued by the Environment Agency, commonly referred to as a registered waste carrier licence, it may be a crime to -

  • collect
  • transport
  • buy
  • sell
  • dispose of

waste in the course of any business, or otherwise for profit or gain.

Legitimate waste carriers will always be able to produce an original copy of their waste carrier licence when requested to do so. They should do this when contacted regardless.

Always ask before giving and paying someone to take your waste to provide you with paperwork, known as a waste transfer note, to confirm -

  • where the waste was produced
  • when your waste was taken
  • a description of the waste
  • details of the person taking the waste. This must include their registered waste carriers number
  • details of where your waste is to be disposed or recycled. This must include details of the environmental permit or exemption authorising this to take place