High Rise Fire Risk Assessment

As a responsible landlord, we take all reasonable action to ensure the safety of our residents. This is particularly the case with fire safety in high rise flats.

We want to be accountable to our residents. We want to be open about our commitment to fire safety. We will publish all our Fire Risk Assessments (FRAs) undertaken by independent assessors.

What is a fire risk assessment

Fire Safety Risk Assessments (FRAs) are a routine process that checks the fire safety of buildings and analyses their fire risks.

Our assessments

We are required by law to carry out fire risk assessments on all of our high-rise flats.

The time between assessments varies depending on the type of building being assessed and the type of risk it is exposed to. They can take place every few months to 2 years.

FRAs identify potential fire risks found at the time the assessment was carried out. They show measures that should be taken to minimise or get rid of that risk.

Some of the key things FRAs look at are -

  • the safety and integrity of exit routes
  • the structural measures in place to stop or slow down the spread of a fire
  • whether there is anything inside the building that could start, speed up, or spread a fire

They are carried out by fully accredited professionals. They use industry best practice processes to complete the assessment.

FRAs provide a snapshot of fire safety at the time at which they were carried out. The contents of the resulting action plan vary. The timescales which the report specifies for the completion of those works will also vary. Often the most urgent actions involve the removal of fire hazards in communal areas. This immediately reduces the fire risk. Any works to the fabric of the building such as fire doors or fire stopping between flats takes longer to complete. This will be shown as a longer time specified in the FRA.