Community Support Grant

Community Support Grants (CSGs) are primarily intended to help vulnerable applicants live as independent a life as possible in the community. They complement but do not replace our duties and responsibilities for community care. They do not replace support provided by other government or voluntary agencies.

The prime objectives of CSGs are to -

  • help people establish themselves within the community following a stay in an institution or care home in which they received care. Or as part of a planned resettlement programme following an unsettled way of life
  • help people remain in the community rather than enter an institution or care home in which they will receive care
  • ease exceptional pressures on people and their families
  • help people to care for a prisoner or young offender on release on temporary licence
  • help people with expenses to make certain journeys such as attending a relative’s funeral or visiting someone who is ill

A CSG is a grant and is not repayable.

Our current timescales to process applications are 2 weeks

Rules and exclusion apply. For more details about these, call us on 01482 300 303.

Trusted referrers can complete an application on behalf of an applicant.