Legal advice and your home

This page will give you advice on where to go if you need legal advice or support with your home.

Eviction and repossession

If you have problems with eviction and repossession, there are websites that can give you support and help.

We can provide you with advice on harassment and illegal eviction.

Citizens Advice can provide you with independent information. They can give you and support on eviction and repossession.

Retrieving a deposit from your landlord

If you are having difficulty getting your deposit back from your landlord at the end of your tenancy, advice and support is available.

Citizens Advice can give you independent information on getting your deposit back.

We can provide information on what your deposit will cover from private landlords.

Dispute over your tenancy and condition of your property

If you are in a dispute over your tenancy or the condition of your property, advice is available.

We can provide you with information on your council tenancies.

Citizens Advice gives you independent information and support on tenancies and property conditions.

We can provide you with advice on private rented housing conditions and what action you can take.