Subletting part of your council home

Subletting is when you rent part of your property to another person who is a subtenant. Your subtenant normally has exclusive access to at least one room. This is usually a bedroom. You cannot enter that room without their permission.

Only secure tenants can sublet their property. Both introductory and demoted tenancy types cannot have a subtenant.

If you do not want to give a subtenant exclusive access to part of your property, you may wish to take in a lodger. For more information, download -

Part subletting application secure tenancy

Part subtenant details secure tenancy

Apply to sublet your property

Before you can part sublet you must get our written consent. The person you would like to sublet to must complete a separate form with their details on.

Housing Benefit, Universal Credit and council tax benefit claims

If you are claiming housing or council tax benefit, your claim may be affected by taking in a lodger. Remember to inform our benefits team or the DWP. If you do not report a change to your circumstances, you could be under or overpaid benefit. You could face prosecution.