Food hygiene

Early publication or disagreeing with your rating

If you are satisfied with your new food hygiene rating, you can request for the rating to be published before the appeals period has ended.

Request for early publication of your hygiene rating form (opens in a new window).

If you disagree with your hygiene rating

If you do not agree with your business's rating, you can appeal or request a re-visit if you have made significant improvements.

You also have the ‘right to reply'.

Businesses given a rating of 0 or one

Businesses that are given ratings of 0 or one must make urgent or major improvements to hygiene standards.

Our environmental health officers will make use of several enforcement tools. They will give advice and guidance to make sure these improvements are made.

If the officer finds that a business' hygiene standards are very poor and there is an imminent risk to health, this means food is not safe to eat. The officer must take action to make sure that consumers are protected.

This could mean prohibiting part of an operation or closing the business down.