Gypsy and Traveller sites and payments

Gypsy and Traveller sites

We have a Gypsy Liaison team. They are responsible for the management of permanent caravan parks in Hull. We help residents to get access to mainstream services. We also liaise with residents and external services to promote community development.

Our services are delivered in line with our policy to Gypsies and Travellers.

Permanent caravan site locations

Hull has 4 permanent caravan parks for the Gypsy and Traveller community -

  • Bankside Park, Bankside, Hull, HU5 1RN. 27 Pitches
  • Bedford Park, Bedford Park, Cleveland Street, Hull, HU8 8AQ. 10 pitches
  • Newington Street, Newington Street, Hawthorne Avenue, Hull, HU3 5ND. 10 pitches
  • Wilmington Park, Bedford Street, Cleveland Street, Hull, HU8 8AP. 23 pitches

Pitches consist of -

  • concrete hard standing for one or 2 caravans
  • a brick-built amenity block with toilet facilities
  • kitchen
  • bath or shower
  • a limited amount of storage space

For more information new pitches and sites.


Double pitch - £97.70 per week

Single pitch - £65.20 per week

Electric supply

Each pitch has connections to a 16-amp supply.

Electricity is charged at a rate that reflects the market price to the owner. It includes the cost of annual service charge. Payment for electricity is made by the pitch occupier. This is done by using a pre-payment top-up card provider by the owner.

Water supply

The occupier needs to pay for the water and sewerage charges connected with the supply of water to the pitch. This is in accordance with the owner's written instruction.

Temporary stopping places

We do not have any transit or temporary stopping places.

Area Teams - General Enquiry

Apply for a pitch

To apply for a pitch, complete an application. There are a limited number of spaces.

There is a waiting list for all sites.

Completed forms can be posted to -

Gypsy and Traveller Team
Unit E, The Freedom Centre
97 Preston Road