On-street parking

On-Street Parking Charges are payable between the hours of 8.30am and 6pm every day of the year other than Christmas Day.

Costs are a maximum of £3.50 for 2 hours. Or they are a minimum of 30p for 10 minutes.

On Street Conditions of Use -

  • a ticket must be purchased immediately at the time of parking
  • you will be liable to a PCN (Penalty Charge Notice) if you fail to comply with the regulations. Some examples are -
    • if you exceed the expiry time of your ticket
    • if you fail to park within the confines of the marked bay
    • if you purchase and display another ticket and leave your car parked

Payment can be made by mobile telephone. Search MiPermit.com for details.

A location code is required when using MiPermit. For most street locations in the City Centre, the code 600 100 is applicable. The exceptions to this are -

  • Bourne Street
  • Little Mason Street
  • Trippett Street

where a different tariff applies and the code for that area is 600 150.

MiPermit is a private company. The council are responsible for all signs advising the public about it.

Motorcycles must not use car bays, and vice-versa.