Health and Wellbeing strategy 2022

Who created the strategy

The strategy was created by the Hull Health and Wellbeing Board. A group of local organisations which includes the council, NHS services and more. The document has also had input from other people. These include more than 100 stakeholders – people with an interest in, or affected by its contents.

This is based on a set of values areas deemed most important. This in turn influences the priorities the board will work on.

Priorities and how they affect me

  • proactive prevention – work to address root causes of poor health and inequality. This will involve -
    • education
    • making sure people have access to resources
    • supporting recovery
    • providing early help
  • reducing health inequalities – this area is about prioritising targeted work in Hull communities which experience the highest levels of inequality
  • system integration – this means organisations, groups and individual people all working together

What happens now

Members of the Health and Wellbeing Board include -

  • us
  • NHS services
  • partners in the voluntary and community sector (VCS)

They work together to ensure the priorities set out in the strategy are delivered. The board is committed to working together to create a fairer Hull. They want everyone to benefit from sustained improvements to health and wellbeing.