Health and Wellbeing strategy 2022

How to get involved

Feedback and questions are very welcome. 

You can submit a question for the board to discuss at its meetings. All questions will get a formal response. You can ask about something you’d like the board to explore, a subject or issue that’s important to you, or something that you want to know more about.

Email your questions to -

Find the Health and Wellbeing Board on Twitter @HWBHull. You can also use Twitter to ask questions, answer polls and see updates on what the board is doing

The board is committed to listening to individuals and communities in Hull. There are regular events and workshops.

You can also join and take part in monthly surveys and polls. To find out more email us on

Everyone is welcome at the board meetings, and you can access the live stream of the meetings if you can not attend.

You can access dates and details of meetings, as well as share a pledge.

The board is encouraging everyone in Hull to make their own health and wellbeing pledge, about an action they will take to improve health or wellbeing for themselves or someone else.