Planning application fees

Fees for advertisements

1. Advertisement displayed externally on business premises, the forecourt of business premises or other land within the curtilage of business premises, wholly with reference to all or any of the following matters, the -

  • nature of the business or, other activity carried on the premises
  • goods sold or the services provided on the premises
  • name and qualifications of the person carrying on such business or activity or supplying such goods or services

Cost - £165

2. Advertisements for the purpose of directing members of the public to, or otherwise drawing attention to the existence of, business premises which are in the same locality as the site on which the advertisement is to be displayed but which are not visible from that site.

Cost - £165

3. All other advertisements

Cost - £578

Condition compliance - fees for confirmation of compliance with condition attached to planning permission.

Where a request is made to a local planning authority for written confirmation of compliance with a condition or conditions attached to a grant of planning permission, a fee shall be paid to that authority as follows -

  • Householder applications - £43 for each request
  • Any other category - £145 for each request