National Highways Windows Scheme

National Highways has identified specific noise hotspots, or noise important areas. These are next to some of the country's road networks where noise is impacting people living close by.

The Government has provided funding for the noise insulation scheme. This will help with the noise levels in these areas. This scheme aims to provide acoustic glazing and ventilation to eligible properties. This is if they are affected by noise from National Highways' network.

National Highways working with Evander have approached us. They offered to replace windows in 7 council houses affected by noise from the A63.

The replacement windows will provide better noise insulation. They will be more energy efficient as well. Evander will liaise with residents to arrange surveys.

Block 2 Bathurst Street (The Lodge)

We are also consulting with residents at Block 2 Bathurst Street (The Lodge). This follows a successful pilot to install secondary glazing.

This will involve all flats with windows on the front, right and left elevations of the building. An aluminium frame will be installed behind the existing frame. Rear facing windows will not be eligible.