PV panels

We have installed PV panels, known as solar panels, at 156 homes across the city to help reduce fuel bills.

PV panels use daylight energy to generate electricity. They do not need to have sunlight to produce electricity - only daylight, even in winter.

They help to lower bills by reducing the amount of electricity needed from your supplier. Any surplus electricity generated by the PV panels is automatically fed back to the national grid.

Not all homes are suitable for panels to be fitted. Before we could consider installing PV Panels, homes must -

  • be facing 30 degrees of South
  • have a 30 degree roof pitch
  • not be overshadowed by trees or buildings
  • be able to accommodate an average installation of 2 Kilowatt peak
  • have an adequate external electrical infrastructure and in the case of properties for multiple connections on a single street, the approval of the infrastructure owners, YEDL
  • be free from major roof repairs or re-roofing except if within current scheduled re-roofing programme within the next 25 years

There are currently no plans to fit any more PV panels. If we restart the programme all properties will be reviewed for suitability.


PV panels are serviced every 5 years. If you are a council tenant who has had these fitted and have missed your service, telephone us - 01482 300 300.