Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Plan

A Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Plan (HIAMP) is a document that helps to inform investment decisions. It is to help maintain our transport network. Our HIAMP was updated in April 2021. It reflects the recommendations in guidance published by the Highways Maintenance Efficiency Programme, and the new ‘Well-Managed Highway Infrastructure Code of Practice’. This was published by the UK Roads Liaison Group.

The plan is important because our current funding levels are not enough to keep all our transport assets in ‘as new’ condition. Transport assets include -

  • carriageways
  • footways
  • cycleways
  • highway structures
  • bridges
  • street lighting
  • street furniture and signs
  • highway land

The HIAMP sets out what assets we have, what condition they’re in, and what we are likely to need in the future. This allows us to direct our limited funds effectively. We can apply the principle of ‘right maintenance treatment at the right time’ to minimise whole life costs.

Our current HIAMP.