Highways insurance claims

How to make a claim

You must complete a claim form in full. You can download the claim form here.

You need to include -

  • the exact location of the incident
  • the time and date
  • weather conditions
  • direction of travel
  • if it was by foot or vehicle
  • a sketch of the location
  • photographs if possible

and why you believe we are responsible. You must provide original invoices for repairs and, where possible, invoices for the original purchase of the damaged item.

We consider your claim, look at our own evidence and, if we agree that we are liable we make you an offer based on the value of the damaged items. If we do not agree, you are told in writing and provided with an explanation of the decision.

There is no timescale for when a claim will be fully processed as each individual case is different.

If you need more advice, the Citizens Advice and solicitors can help.