Making Every Adult Matter (MEAM) Referral

MEAM is a coalition of national charities. It represents over 1,300 frontline organisations across England.

Working together, they support local areas across the country. They support them to develop effective, coordinated services. The services directly improve the lives of people facing multiple disadvantages. These could be such as -

  • homelessness
  • substance misuse
  • contact with the criminal justice system
  • mental ill health

Adults having this combination of problems may fall through the gaps between services and systems. This makes it harder for them to address their problems and lead fulfilling lives.

The MEAM approach gives an opportunity to bring together key local stakeholders across all sectors. They can focus on fresh thinking towards identifying new approaches to tackling multiple and complex needs in Hull.

Services need to offer a flexible approach appropriate for the client. Organisations making a referral into the MEAM project must be prepared to be involved in the client’s care plans.

Referrals are discussed and agreed by stakeholders at weekly operational meetings.

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