Vulnerable adults risk management meeting

The Vulnerable Adults Risk Management (VARM) process is a multi-agency procedure to -

  • discuss, identify and document risk for high-risk adult safeguarding cases
  • form an action plan identifying appropriate agency responsibility for actions
  • provide a tool for review and re-evaluation of the action plan

The VARM meeting considers cases in respect of adults aged 18 years or over. This is where existing mechanisms within agencies for resolving or minimising risk have not been achieved.

There are a few individuals who have many needs and may be at risk of serious harm. They fall outside the criteria for Adult Safeguarding enquiries. Or, they could have made a decision not to engage.

  • a person must have the mental capacity to make decisions and choices about their life
  • there is a risk of serious harm or death by -
    • self-neglect
    • fire
    • deteriorating health condition
    • non-engagement with uncontrolled lifestyles
    • hoarding
    • alcohol and substance misuse
  • there is a public safety interest
  • high levels of concerns from partner agencies

If you are from a professional organisation and have identified a person at risk, the terms of reference will help you in organising, managing and reviewing VARM.