Network Management Plan

The network management duty requires us to manage the movement of traffic on our roads and help the Highways Agency and East Riding of Yorkshire Council manage theirs.

Hull has a number of key network management issues -

  • congestion and journey times on the city’s radial routes
  • the coordination of major regeneration developments
  • protecting public transport operations and key routes
  • a high proportion of foreign drivers
  • consideration for cyclists and pedestrians
  • management and operation of Hull’s moving bridges
  • protecting access to a major regional hospital
  • the need to improve the management of activities (in particular, events)

Congestion is a major transport issue throughout the UK and particularly in Hull. The effective management of the road network is a key step in tackling congestion. Hulls strategic importance and role as a ‘gateway to Europe’ creates unique challenges.

It is recognised that the A63 trunk road is the most congested part of the local network. This is due to traffic heading to and from the docks on the eastern side of the city having to pass through the city centre.