Tenant expenses

We have an expenses policy in place to ensure that volunteers are not out-of-pocket due to their volunteering roles.


We can only cover the cost of the cheapest method of transport which for most people will be public transport. If you choose not to use the cheapest method of transport, we will pay the equivalent of the cheapest method available for the journey. This means that if you qualify for a free bus pass and choose not to use it, you will not be able to claim travel expenses.


We will pay bus users the cost of travel on the following basis if you -

  • can have a free bus pass you will be expected to use it
  • purchase a return ticket or day ticket for £3.20 you will be paid £3.20
  • purchase a weekly ticket for £11.50, £1.65 will be paid per day


Push bike users can claim 20p per mile. This option is always a choice. Even if it is the cheapest method of transport, we would not make you choose this method.

We assess your needs to travel to and from meetings to meet your personal requirements. A travel plan is completed and if applicable we pay the following rates -

Car users and motorcycle users

Car users can claim car mileage at 45p per mile, motorcycle users at 24p per mile. We would only cover the cost of a direct route.

We also cover parking costs, but we must see a car parking receipt. If you claim parking costs, we expect you to use a Hull City Council car park, unless agreed beforehand with the Tenant Participation Team (us).

If you travel in a car and bring other people to meetings who do not live within your own household, we pay an extra 5p per passenger per mile if agreed within your travel plan.


If we agree in your personal travel plan that you cannot use any other form of transport to get you to and from meetings, then we will pay for a taxi. If you make use of the taxi service, we expect you to -

  • be waiting at the agreed pickup points at the arranged times
  • give at least 20 minutes notice if you need to cancel or change a taxi booking
  • travel to the agreed destination with no unauthorised diversions 

If you fail to meet these conditions, we will withdraw the service.

Out-of-town visits

Occasionally we may ask you to attend out-of-town meetings. If we ask you to do this, we contact you to discuss transport and we, order and pay for the method of transport agreed. 

Food and drink

We provide you with one drink of tea, coffee or water at most meetings that last between one and three hours. If refreshments are not available, we will tell you beforehand. 

If a meeting lasts more than three hours, we provide two drinks per person. 

We provide a light buffet lunch at meetings which last over four hours. You need to tell us if you have any specific dietary requirements.

We provide a light buffet lunch if there are two meetings one after the other on the same day.  If we are unable to provide a lunch, payment is made for the cost of a lunch up to the amount of £4.50.  This must be agreed beforehand with us.

We pay for the cost of a lunch for meetings that are held outside of Hull, up to the amount of £5. This payment is only made where no catering has been provided and when agreed beforehand with us.

If you do claim for lunch, receipts must be provided and must not include alcoholic drinks or tips.

Caring or childcare costs 

We pay reasonable costs for childcare or other caring responsibilities to registered carers (personal assistance for example) if agreed with us beforehand. A receipt or letter detailing the rate of care will be needed before any payment is made.

Patch walkers

We pay patch walkers out-of-pocket expenses in line with the tenant expenses policy.

Mystery shopping

We pay mystery shoppers out-of-pocket expenses in line with the tenant expenses policy. 

How to claim

To claim for expenses, you must complete a claim form which are available from us. You also need to provide receipts. 

You can give your claim form to any member of the Tenant Participation Team or post it to the Freepost address provided on the claim form. If you have any difficulty completing or returning your form, you can contact us on 01482 300 300 or ask for help at the meeting.

You need to give us your claim form no later than one month after the day of the activity for which you are claiming. 

How we pay you

Payment is made by cheque, sent to your home address. We aim to get this to you within 10 working days from the day we receive your form. Your first claim may take a little longer as we need to set up your details as a new volunteer. 

Please remember that any money you claim may affect your benefits and or tax position and it is your responsibility to notify the relevant organisations. 

Contact us

Email: tenant.resident@hullcc.gov.uk